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It's Like a Bad Meme...

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Some random observations about the US Election from a Canadian:

  1. I've been seeing pro-Kerry and pro-Bush posts side-by-side in my Friends view... which is amusing in and of itself. I also can't click two links on the internet without running face first into elections talk.

    What I find most fascinating though is that the reasonable to above-average intelligent people are most likely Kerry supporters. The very stupidest people are Bush supporters (sit down and have a cup of not-surprise).

    But I've noticed that the very smartest people I know are also Bush supporters. There are exceptions to this, of course, but I thought this was an interesting trend.

  2. I'm not understanding something. I've seen people writing about immigrating to Canada if [whoever] wins.

    1. That means that the party you're supporting gets even less support in the next election and the ones you _didn't_ want in the White House have a higher likelihood of actually being there if you leave. Yes? No?

    2. Canadian politics, economy, etc., etc. are so closely tied to the Americans that whoever comes into power does affect us. And yet, we, Canadians, don't get a vote in the US elections. I'm not frustrated or upset that I couldn't vote today. I'm just noting that, as a matter of fact, I don't get a say in something that could affect me.

      Given the chance, why would you volunteer to walk away and sit idly by to watch whoever it is fuck it all up for everyone (including Canada)? Because, y'know, if WMD are let loose around here, we share the same air and general threespace.

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Nov. 3rd, 2004 12:25 am (UTC)
Which is why, despite China being a communist country, it's better to be here right now =D
I think Bush is going to win. It really would take a miracle for Kerry to pull this one out right now. But... oh well. Clinton '08? *waves flag*

Thing is, I've been debating going back to the U.S. to study law... and right now, I don't know if it's safer there (where, if Bush declares war on the world, at least we have the 'best' on our side), or whether we'd just be sitting ducks because everyone will soon want a piece of us. =(

America USED to have a reputation of being loud... rather overbearing, but generally well-meaning. Nowadays, the international community seems to be wondering when the U.S. will turn on them, and whether it's possible to invent a leash that could contain 'em.


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