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Friday Fiver - Moments Of

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fridayfiver - Moments Of


When this little boy:

was accepted to Simon Fraser University, Applied Science/Engineering. That picture was taken yesterday. I swear.

He slept in his stroller for the first few weeks after he came home. He had one of these swinging cribs for about 6 months, then we put him in a StorkCraft regular crib.

Supposedly, I didn't drool very much, so my brother drooled enough for the both of us and then some. Super Duper Drooler Baby had a set of bibs with a different animal and the day of the week printed on them. We were on "Friday" by Monday afternoon. =D


Anytime I'm trying to wind my brain around my RRSP.


Last night. I really shouldn't be trying to talk about politics in a squidged up state.

Think of your work there as being a Democratic Missionary.

Teach them a new sex position and call it The Democratic. It doesn't much matter which one. We don't all have to agree on which it would be. Hell, you're not even limited to one. Just pick up the Kama Sutra and do your worst. =D


... is when userinfoA Certain Girl Pal gets the photo op of a lifetime rockin' out with Wil Wheaton.     @_@     ^_^


Not that I think it'll make an ounce of difference, but I did it anyway:

J. Lin
[Home Address]
Vancouver, BC

October 18, 2004

Darren Entwistle, CEO
TELUS Corporation
Executive Office Floor 21,
3777 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H 3Z7

Dear Mr. Entwistle:

I am a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia and
I have invested and been involved in TELUS in many
forms (volunteering at local events, including
TELUS stock in my portfolios, etc.). I have family
members who are and have been loyal employees of
TELUS from the early days when it was still "BC

We know first hand of TELUS' generosity and the
propensity of the company to care for its people
and the community, so we were not surprised to
hear of the 15 year, $19 million pledge to support
and upgrade Science World. For that, you have
my deepest appreciation and the gratitude of many
in the Lower Mainland, I'm sure.

However, as thankful as I am and as much as I
understand the concept of "credit where credit is
due", I would like to encourage you to leave the
name as it is and NOT rename it "TELUSphere".

In communicating with friends and colleagues about
the news, I've already noticed that the vast
majority spell "TELUSphere" incorrectly, in
countless different ways. The word is very prone
to erroneous spelling. Is it two words or one? How
is it capitalized? Is it a hyphenated word? Are
there two 's's because it's a compound word, or
just one? My apologies in advance if I have
misspelled it anywhere in this letter.

My biggest concern, though, is that the name
"TELUSphere" has too much of a corporate
sponsorship slant to it. Science World is about
all aspects of SCIENCE; it is not about supporting
a corporate entity. And Science is not just about
telephony with the strong marketing spin of
"purchase our cell phone plans", which I am afraid
might happen to overshadow other very worthwhile
Science-related topics.

From reading the threads in many Internet
discussion forums for the local area, this is a
concern that a large portion of the community

Please leave the name "Science World" as it is.

I believe that credit can be given for TELUS'
sponsorship without the radical name change to
"TELUSphere" which carries such a stigma of
unsolicited advertising.

Thank you for your consideration,

J. Lin

CC: Bryan Tisdall, CEO
Science World
1455 Quebec Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7

What can I say? I was too pissed to sit and stew. At least I didn't add "you fucking loonfrog"* after every sentence.

* bokane is the source of so many great expressions. =)

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