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Engagement Photos

We went with International Star Inc. We walked in with street clothes, clean hair and clean face. They did the makeup, hair and provided all the clothes. We had 6 changes of clothes - 2 white wedding gown set; 2 evening gown sets; a Japanese geisha/samurai set and a Chinese Qing Dynasty set =) They drove us out to the external locations. By the end of the day, we had 20 layers of hairspray and about 9 layers of makeup on my face. Both of us had to shampoo our hair multiple times before it stopped feeling like a helmet.

I'll be scanning them in soon =) Some of the pictures look okay; some of them make me think the photographer was on glue.

We got two huge albums of 30 11x15" pics each. They're the "Artisan" albums with deep thoughts, poetry in fancy fonts, etc. except, they invariably have spelling errors and horrible grammar mistakes. We have the most fun laughing at the words - "I saw big bright ger fainted in the dust". I've given up trying to guess what they mean to write, it's so badly mangled. =)


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