The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

What IS THIS?!?!

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outside: 11°C
mood: *RAAAAWWR*
Dear Universe,

Look, you big fat fucking bully.


Stop killing my friends' car batteries and otherwise dicking with their cars, laptops, internet connections, etc.

Knock it off with the homework drama with my friends' kids.

Stop making my friends gain back the weight they've worked hard to lose.

You lift that girlfriend curse this instant!!! The last few CUNT BAGS were totally NOT FUNNY!

Stop making my friends cry.

And LET them cry if they NEED to.

Stop sending psychos to my friends' house.

You better hope my Uncle H's back gets better from his fall and that his two children are okay from the divorce that his asshat wife just filed.

For fuck's sake, take it out on people who DESERVE it. You KNOW where they are and there are PLENTY of them to dick with for your amusement.

Tags: rants

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