The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Payback Time

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I transferred money to my Dad with the Transfer Funds to Other RBC Royal Bank Customer feature. I did it online while I was on the phone with him this afternoon. He'd heard it was easy, but somehow, computers and online life are still daunting to him. My Dad is nerdy, but he's Wholesome Old-School Slide-Rule Totin' Mil-Spec Solderin' Nerdy which is that much cooler than my Contemporary Nerdy. =)

He wasn't in dire straits or anything, it was just less juggling for them to take my money now and pay me back whenever. And I REALLYREALLYREALLY wanted to try out the client-to-client transfer feature =D

Any other time, he would have tried with all his might to figure out something on his own, but I guess he's getting older and not willing to think too hard about stuff. He's starting to see that it's easier to let me help when I can and offer to.

I was happy when I bought them a new microwave to replace the broken one when I got my first job. I was happy when I got them a hot water boiler thing and they thought it was wonderful because they like mixing hot and cold to get warm water. I used the discount Family Plan deal as an excuse to put their cell phone on my billing account.

I'm just thrilled that I can.

Tags: chinese, family

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