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I haven't updated my resumé in over 3 years. That's how long I've been here. Not having an updated resumé can be a positive sign, but it's also a scary thought, especially since I'd always meant to be on the balls of my feet, the software/IT industry is so wobbly.

I've started thinking about looking for a new job. More of a Project Manager type position.

Currently, Work is wonderful in many ways. We have a very flat reporting structure, which is great, in that there's very little red tape and I'm free to do what's right. We have no Marketing department, no non-technical staff making impossible promises. Business Development is made up of Senior Techies.

I am well treated and well respected. I'm also paid quite well.

But because of the flat reporting structure, there's not much room for promotion. Depending on the size of the project, I sometimes have staff, sometimes Co-ops (paid interns). But it's a privately owned company, I'll never become a partner. I'll never be much more senior than QA Engineering Lead... which, if I have no staff, means nothing.

Our projects are anywhere from 3-6 months in length. The biggest projects span 12 months or more. This is great for learning all kinds of different things and seeing different types of projects, solutions, approaches, project needs and QA criteria. But I also don't learn anything in depth. I only have time to learn as much as I need to.

Over the next little while, I'm going to get a pulse on how the Ex-Work company is doing and try to get an inside scoop on some of their Account Manager positions — description of the software and how it's changed from when I was there (as much as they can tell me that's public knowledge, anyway), job description, how much travel, how much work, what kinds of responsibilities, what the hours are like, what it pays.

I was technically qualified to be an Account Manager even back when I was there. I was asked/begged to apply for it just before I left, but I opted to leave. I was way too young to be taking a less technical position then. But also, there was talk back then, of phasing out that position and/or merging it with the Project Manager position. They were two different roles at the time and someone said the Account Manager position was redundant. I have no idea how that turned out because it seemed like people in both roles were as busy as all hell.

Ex-Work has been through a few rounds of layoffs. The Big Evil Director of Development, who was indirectly the bane of our existence, has since been fired/forced to resign/gone. That's a positive sign. But they've lost scores of good people before that happened. So, I dunno.

There is the dorkiness factor of going back to a company that I'd left in semi-disgust. But on one of my visits back there, when I was harassed about going back, I did say "never say never" =) And there have been others who quit, then went back. One went back within a week. Another went back in a few months. Another went back in a year.


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