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Collection of Fun Stuff

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Things that I've been laughing at:

  • Stupid Kid, 笨小孩 (3.7M, MP3). This is an old song that we laughed at a long time ago that I've dragged up recently again. It features Andy Lau, Blacky Ke and Jacky Wu doing a hammed up trio. It's a really catchy tune and the lyrics are funny. They're also joking, hooting, yelping, cackling and making mistakes all over the place, it's like drunken karaoke. Incredibly hilarious.

    _/~ _/~



    _/~ _/~

  • Minimized Windows — Raymond Chen, Microsoft (via theoldnewthing).

    [11:57] </a></b></a>: and i noticed that when a window is minimized, if you call GetWindowRect() on the window, the coordinates do in fact begin at 3000,3000 =)

    Your minimized windows are not actually "gone", they're just parked out in the boonies. =D

  • Posting And You — AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love it. XD

  • I SO want this t-shirt in a baby doll medium.

  • Coin Shrinking — Waywayway too much geeky fun! Even though defacing Canadian currency is illegal (something about desecrating the Queen's face that makes it tantamount to treason). That's why Penny Press machines in Canada use little round copper wafers instead of actual minted pennies.

  • Real College Textbooks — haha! =D I see my highschool Chemistry text in there. I think my Calculus I & II (James Stuart; touting "Early Transcendentals") text was in there too. I'm surprised that the Cormen/Leiserson/Rivest/Stein "Intro to Algorithms" wasn't spoofed.

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