The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Swimming Lessons for Skippy

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I was changing userinfoSkippy's water the other day and I brought her with me to the kitchen on my shoulder. As I was rinsing out her cup, she climbed down my arm and seemed very interested in checking out the sink. I put her back in her cage for a bit while I scrubbed it clean, then brought her out again. She jumped and flew right in. Sometimes, she just has no fear at all.

I put her cup down at the bottom and turned on the tap with warm water. We usually give the birds filtered water, the same stuff we drink, but our water is drinkable from the tap. I left the sink unplugged so there would only be a small puddle. She skittered around, drinking every once in a while, but mostly just hopping around in the puddle.

Skippy playing in the sink (4M uncompressed AVI; 27s; see comments).

Then I plugged the sink and let the water level rise to about her chest. I was watching her the whole time and could scoop her out if anything happened. She didn't know what to do. She had her wings out the whole time for balance. But it was most hilarious to see her trying to run through the water and not succeeding. XD She just ended up bobbing around slowly, her tail and wings all fanned out.

I tried to get an AVI of it, but every once in a while she'd flap her wings and sploosh me. I was afraid she'd get the camera wet, so I stopped. I brought her out after a few minutes. She was so cuddly with me when I was towelling her off. =D

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