The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Sid and Toes

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We've discovered that userinfoSid really loves bare feet and toes. He knows that feet won't try to grab him and do mean things. =P

He'll purposely look down and try to find peoples' feet. If you put your foot in front of his beak and wiggle them for him, he'll walk up really close to them singing and chatting at them for a loooooong time. I brought him out once and started doing something else. I forgot about wiggling my toes for him. He came up to my foot and knocked on my big toenail with his beak to remind me =D

He's not as afraid of my Mother-in-Law's hands, probably because she's never tried to pick him up with a towel. While he's singing, she can actually stroke him under the chin! =O Like in that "kitchy-kitchy-koo" way =D He not only doesn't bite her, he sings louder and louder as she's doing it =D

Last night, I had him on the floor singing to my toe and I was petting him under the chin with my toe. I had to try very hard to be gentle and not kick him in the face =D

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