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Classical Chinese Medicine Studies: Intro & Disclaimers

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As I said here, I'm taking a Classical Chinese Medicine Studies course. I've always been fascinated with this subject. Even when I was very young, I had a blast playing "Healer Woman" in my backyard by myself. I had no siblings, no friends and didn't want to be a social creature. =)

I decided I want to transcribe some of my notes because actively doing things with the information helps me learn. Over the next little while, I'll post some self-discussion of my notes.

I was going to make it all private, but I thought other people might be interested in it as well. And maybe people can ask me questions that I can't answer so that I can bring them to class and look like a SuperKeenerGirl. =D But if it causes problems, I will remove them all and put them in another private journal.

I feel like growing up in the West has taken me too far away from Chinese culture, which is no one's fault but my own. There's a desire to know, understand, be able to explain, express, pass on the traditions of my people and my culture.

Some disclaimers:

  • What I say is my interpretation of what the instructors cover in class. I try to pay attention, but there can be holes in my understanding of the things they say. Or I could be plain wrong.

  • I have no delusions that I'll ever be a Traditional Chinese doctor. Although my aspirations of actually doing it professionally, or even in a supporting capacity, are there if I show aptitude. I'll have to see. Someone once asked me, "What would you do if you could retire, if you didn't have to work?" I think I've finally found my answer.

    The purpose of the course I'm taking is not to actually train me to be one. The purpose of the course is for the appreciation of an art, a science and long standing tradition that has been a cornerstone of an ancient civilization spanning thousands of years.

    Much like the cooking classes I took a while ago. I have no delusions of ever being a chef. I'll never work as a cook in any food service establishment, but I'm interested in knowing how, understanding and just not killing anyone with my cooking.

  • None of this is original content, if you're fussy about things like that. I'm reluctant to mention the organization that is offering the courses because of liability issues. I don't want to embarrass them if the stuff I say is totally whacked. But I may, sometime in the future, if I decide to show 師傅 my online notes and he doesn't think I'm a total disgrace. Until then, all of the instructors will just be collectively known as 師傅, "The Masters". =)

  • There are bazillions of books and websites on Traditional Chinese Medicine that do claim expertise on the subject. If anyone is looking for actual medical advice, I suggest you go elsewhere. And I have no recommendations at this time because I'm still building my own library and bookmarks.

  • I make absolutely no guarantees on the completeness of my notes. My posts are not intended to be a complete set of notes from my classes. I'm writing what I feel like transcribing, on topics that I find interesting or the topics that I understand and have something to say about. I may or may not want to transcribe stuff I don't like or stuff that confuses me.

  • I have no idea as to what the accepted English terminology is for any of these concepts. I give it my best Google, but if that doesn't help, I'm making it up. Given that my level of Chinese proficiency is at most only a notch or two above "I Suck", I wouldn't have a lot of stock in me either.

  • I also don't guarantee timeliness. I have class every other Sunday evening and there's a long Christmas break coming up. Some topics might take me forever to understand, so I may take forever to finish the subsequent parts of a series of posts on a topic. I'm not sure if I want to write all the parts to a series first, then post them one at a time or post things as I'm going along.

I'm purposely not joining any of the related LJ communities. I had a quick look. I'm still far from being able to participate in those and it would be a distraction to me at this time.

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