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CSI/CSI: Miami/CSI: New York Comparison

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I love CSI. The original. The one set in Las Vegas. And I get very indignant when people call it "CSI: Las Vegas".


It's not CSI ANYTHING, it's just plain CSI.    =)

I've seen CSI: Miami and CSI: New York episodes. I hate CSI: Miami (can't stand Horatio). I will watch CSI:NY to be with my Husband (he likes CSI:NY).

Part of the reason I like CSI is the teamwork, in character and among the actors themselves. No one is "the star" there. They were all relative unknowns... well, unknown to me, before I saw them on the series. They all do important things on their cases. They all work together on different pieces. Gil Grissom is the boss, but he isn't single-handedly The Show every time. He isn't everywhere at once, he doesn't have all the answers, he relies on his staff. It's much more of a team environment than the other series.

That's what annoys me about CSI:Miami. Horatio is "The It". I haven't seen this series for a long time though, so this might have changed.

It's less so with CSI:NY, but still a bit irritating. Maybe it's just my preconceived notions of Gary Sinise (whom I really like and think is a very talented actor in many ways), but I think both the plot of each episode and the continuing storyline revolve around Mac Taylor too much.

It could be that CSI:NY just needs more time, but I get the impression that by the time I'd seen this many episodes of CSI, I knew all of the characters better.



Dec. 13th, 2004 03:14 pm (UTC)
Mike and I discuss this quite regularly - sadly enough.

We looooove CSI, but for some reason, can't stand CSI Miami, or NY, and yes - we realy don't like the Horatio guy. Both the Miami and NY team dynamic just doesn't click like the CSI team, they make their gruesome job look fun!

Mike says it's the diference between Jean Luc Picard and Captain Kirk *rolls eyes*, but yes, it's true.
Dec. 13th, 2004 03:16 pm (UTC)
Mike says it's the diference between Jean Luc Picard and Captain Kirk *rolls eyes*, but yes, it's true.

Hahaha, that's SO true! =D


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