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Swiffer WetJet

weather: snowing *sigh* =P
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Swiffer WetJet Power Mop

I really hate this thing.

The idea is, you push the button and it spritzes the cleaning solution out from the bottom. You drag it over the cleaning solution and it cleans the floor. Three easy steps and I get stuck at Step 1. *grumble*

It assumes that you're always generally moving forward. Am I the only person that travels backwards sometimes? I find it really bad for that.

I didn't measure exactly how far away the mystery cleaning solution* went, but when I was mopping, it was REALLY FAR. That meant going back and cleaning areas that I had already done so that there wouldn't be splotches. I ended up picking it up and turning it upside down to blast the liquid onto the floor where I wanted it. And then turned it back over to continue mopping.

Finally, I put on a pair of slippers and went forwards because it was clear that I was supposed to. But when I was going forward, I still thought it better to pick it up to spray the cleaning solution because I could control where it went. Like NOT onto the wall. And NOT onto the carpet.

Maybe there's something fundamentally wrong with the way I mop because I've heard from people who are totally in love with it. I prefer the sponge mop. =P

* "Includes cleaning agents (including solvents), perfume and water. CONTAINS NO PHOSPHATE." And smells like artificial apple.

Oh, speaking of household cleaning instruments, I'm still looking at getting a new vacuum any moment now. Wheels falling off at random and occasionally shooting little blue lighting bolts out of the cracks is not a good sign, hm? I'm collecting recommendations here.

[Update - 2054h]

I find it interesting that only the girls are answering this post and my vacuums post. Draw conclusions as ye will. XD

She says, in an attempt to goad the boys into answering =D


Jan. 20th, 2005 08:52 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the late comment (from a guy).

I have one of those things, made by Clorox. I think it's called the Clorox ReadyMop, and it has that IV bottle spray as well. Maybe it's a design difference from the Swiffer version, but the ReadyMop's spray is attached to the handle, which has a LOT of degrees of freedom. I can tilt and twist the handle, which of course controls the direction (and therefore reach) of the spray.

The reason I think that spray is only forward is probably two-fold:

1. When you push forward, you're able to apply more force to the cleaning surface (via the handle direction), and if you have the cleaning solution that way, you're likely to get a better result from your mopping.

2. Nobody wants to squeeze the trigger and have the spray go backwards all over your own feet. It probably would bring back young childhood memories of peeing all over yourself. Uh ... you know what I mean.

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