The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Sid Behaviour Regression

weather: clear
outside: -5°C
mood: tired
We thought userinfoSid's plucking habit was under control. He was so good towards the end of last year. He played with newspaper, played with us, he sang a lot and chatted a lot.

But I guess the weather has gotten dryer along with this cold snap in the Pacific Northwest the last little while. That might be what's causing the flaking and itching again. Nothing's bleeding yet, but we noticed an inordinately large pile of feathers at the bottom of his cage. At first, we thought he was moulting again.

Like, AGAIN?!?!?! But that can't be. He must be picking.

Mother-in-Law also says she hears him squacking all the time now. And he's generally less playful than he was a month and a half ago. His armpits are even more bare than before and I'm seeing skin all the way down to the sides of his tummy now.

userinfoHusband Guy thinks he needs a humidifier/incubator thing. When he was at Night Owl, they put him in one of those and he became the happiest little thing. I don't know what the Husband has in mind, but he says he wants to make one.

That, or we'll have to get him fitted with a collar. I don't see how he can eat with a collar on though. We sure as hell can't handle him to be putting it on and taking it off all the time. Maybe we can only give him either millet or seed on a stick things.

*sigh* Can't keep my eyes open anymore. Night-night, all.

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