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We have an internal Wiki set up at Work. *bounce*

We're running the MoinMoin WikiEngine written in Python. We're not much of a Perl/PHP house here... I find that odd, but oh well.

"Moin" is supposedly a Northern German pronunciation of "morgen" for "morning"... see this comment.

I think they've had it installed for a while, but it was formally introduced with a lunch seminar as an excuse to order lunch for everyone. =D We had Thai food, BTW =)

We've always had something similar to Wiki before, whether it was as simple as a Word document in the source code repository that everyone was supposed to add to and update or as schmancy as a plain text HTML file checked in to CVS. We gave everyone the CVSweb URL to the file so that when you open it, it actually does a CVS CHECKOUT which would always give you the latest.

I ported some of my documentation over to the new Wiki. And I added a few of my favorite lunch hangouts to the Company List =) It looks like the first thing everyone does after creating their Wiki account is update the Lunch Places section... BWAHAHA!! XD

I was creating my User Profile page and was debating whether I could try to embed a blog or something into it. I used to keep a Work journal hosted on my local machine. It would be good to keep a Work blog again. The guys think work-blogging is a good idea too and they said they're going to look into Bikis or good standalones or something we can install internally...

In other Work-related stuff: people with fuzzy hats are scary. And I will stop right there. *stiff smile* =]


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