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Wedding Guest Gear

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I just ordered a dress online for userinfoHusband Guy's cousin's wedding. I was starting to panic because "I have nothing to wear". =\

It's a short-sleeved, knee length qi-pao. I love qi-pao styles. I love the Mandarin collar. When we were in Taiwan, the Husband's Aunts laughed at me for being "even more old-fashioned than they were". They usually get qi-pao in the modern style with the flat collars =)

This one that I ordered is mostly black, it has gold piping on the edges with a pink floral print band that follows the frog clasp buttons down one side and on the cuffs of the sleeves.

The design is fun and young enough, yet it's elegant and mature enough to be appropriate for an elder family member. Mothers and Aunts of the bride and groom usually wear full length black and gold qi-pao (although, they may not... I don't know what anyone else is wearing). The pink flowers and knee length will bring down the formality just a bit for me.

I like black, a lot. It's safe and easy. Left to my own devices, everything of mine would be all black. But all black, all the time, is too sombre and funeral-ish. I'm getting better at picking clothes that are still simple, classy, elegant but with interesting colours and things happening in limited areas =)

I'm having it rush delivered so I have time to get it altered and drycleaned before the wedding in March.

I'm kind of afraid that it may not be as gorgeous as the picture just because pictures tend to make everything look better. But I'm hoping that it'll be good enough to be worth it because I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO SHOPPING AT ALL!!! WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! =D =D =D


Ohalrightalright. *blush* Picture. And a closeup of the frog clasp buttons on the lapel.


Feb. 19th, 2005 02:52 am (UTC)
Know what it's weird, I remember when my paternal grandma died when I was around 7 years old, we all wore black. When I was 15, my maternal grandma passed away and everyone was wearing white.

I consider my dad to be very traditional...
We were in the mall together and I tried out this really nice long black dress. I asked for his opinion about it and the only reply that he gave me was, "I'm not dead yet now am I?". Of course, I ended up not buying the dress coz of what he said. That was during my pre-teen years. Now, us wearing black's totally ok with him. Not for parties still though.



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