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Not my best weekend.

I had an accident report run on Champagne. I would have sold her earlier, but I was waiting until we figured out what our car needs were going to be like when my Mother-In-Law was in town. We very clearly don't need another car.

Anyway, it turns out that Champagne has been in a humongous accident with $8500+'s worth of repairs. The date on it was in 1991, so it was shortly after userinfothe Husband's family bought the car and waaay before I bought it from them.

When I asked, it was after Grandpa had his stroke and stubbornly kept driving.

It seems that Grandma used to joke about him signalling left and turning right, or signalling right and turning left. He apparently lost a lot of control of the right side of his body, which meant that he had trouble lifting his foot off the gas pedal and had problems moving his foot over to the brake. I knew about the time he almost hit someone trying to park the car.

But $8500 in damage.

This weekend was the first time I heard of the accident. I bought the car in April 1999 from the family. No one said anything about this then. Nor was the price adjusted for this.

They're family. What was I going to do? Even if I wasn't a moron and did the accident check back then, how could I ask them to lower the price? Really.

Double-whammy: the price I get for Champagne will now be significantly lower for that. By reasonable estimates, I will have been screwed out of over $1000 in total.

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