The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Interlocking Fingers

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Only userinfothe Husband and I can have a bicker-fight about this...

How do you and your significant other hold hands?

Interlocking Fingers™, right? Like most normal people, I suspect you do. ... Wow. See comments. XD

Does anyone do The Kindergarten Washroom Partner™ style?

He absently picked up my hand that way once, years ago. I hate it. It feels all weird and wrong. It brings back memories of school, Boy Germs™ and... well, being required to go to the washroom in pairs and walk down the hall holding hands. *BLECH* I feel like squirming out of it.

Now that he knows I hate it, he does it on purpose to annoy me. Then he picks it up a little and jiggles it. And it's totally unfair that I can only smack him at a red light because he's driving >K}


Thanks a lot, you Kindergarten people. Now you've made userinfoHusband Guy all gloaty about this. You're supposed to be my friends. =D =D

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