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I've been laid off again.

Work was bought out by a much larger company that didn't want to keep the QA group. My last day was Thursday, February 24. We were told at noon, we headed out for beer and then went back to pack up our offices.

They were very apologetic, they'd been negotiating hard to keep everyone, but the larger company wouldn't have it. I believe them. I've never had reason to doubt them. They've treated me very very well in the three years I've been here and I absolutely do not begrudge them for this decision. Whether I'm on the winning end or losing end of it, the ability to make the hard decisions is one of the reasons I admire them so much.

It's a little sad. I loved my job. But, ah well. Onward.

I was given job leads, recommended to a few local companies and they said if I needed a reference I could use their contact info, so we'll see. I've already made contact at a few places and started looking, just because it could be a while before I find something. It would be really nice to not actually have to go until the end of the severance.

I have my eye on the dev house close by. They're NEAR PERFECT. They have a position that's EXACTLY what I want to do and it would be like a promotion or at least "a step up" (if only in title). A good portion of the posted job description is what I'm doing now.

They must have a bazillion and a half resumés to go through though. *sigh*

There's another company that sounds interesting. They're in the same building as The Big Corporate Ex-Work which is pretty far out there and in the opposite direction of downtown Vancouver, where userinfoHusband Guy works. I would take the car every day and he would have to bus it. But it's do-able and there is someone I know at that company.

There are a few other leads for companies that are in the finance industry but who are building their IT departments.

(+) they would put me closer to where Husband Guy works.
(–) parking is insanely expensive in that area of downtown because they're right by the water.
(+) they are stable companies... although, what exactly does that mean in this day and age?
(–) I'm a bit wary of having non-technical senior management calling the shots.
(+) one of the companies has a strong technical guy at the helm, so I'm a little less worried about that one, but still...

I've also applied for employment insurance benefits right away just because I have no idea how long it will take to kick in (the EI office operates at the breakneck velocity of molasses running uphill). And if I don't need it, I'm sure they won't have a problem NOT paying me.

There was also the thought of not working in IT anymore. I don't know if I'm still buzzing and panicking from the layoff, but I have no idea what else I could do and this hardly feels like the time to do soul searching.

*bigsigh* Wish me luck at Dev House Close By...


Thank you, everyone, for all the kind thoughts, comments and support. You guys are wonderful =)

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