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T Minus 2 Days

I spent all day running around Thursday before I had to be back at Husband Guy's house =D We were supposed to meet up at his house at 5:30p, then drive to the church together. I went to the bank safety deposit box to get wedding jewellery. They weren't open yet, so I sat around with a coffee. I had to call the winery anyway because they had the wrong expiry date on my credit card.

The bank finally opened and I went in to get my stuff. I went home, dropped off my stuff, made some printouts and took off again. This time, I was off to the Limo place. I paid the balance, went over the itinerary with Uncle Frank, went over how I wanted the decorating done. It was really run-of-the-mill stuff I wanted - V shaped ribbon in front, pom-pom flowers all over, poofie heart thing in the back, the Hello Kitty bride and groom on the decal.

Then I took off to my parents' place to get the last of the table arrangements done, the last of the guest list, go over the itinerary and confirm the rehearsal for that evening. I left at shortly after 2:00pm.

I was feeling pretty down because I was worn out from driving around. I had so much on my mind. I still hadn't felt like I practiced my speech much. I was worried about the games they were going to play at the banquet. I was worried about having to get up at 4:30am for the hair and makeup call. I was feeling like crap that Bowen and Mabel had to be up at 4:30am WITH ME.

I felt like I had no farging clue what was going on and even less control over the situation.

Then 5:00pm rolls around. We were getting ready to go and it dawns on us that we should try to bring our supplies to the church and ask if we can store them there overnight, so we spent a bit thinking about what we need to bring, who will bring what, etc. Just as we're about to leave, something came up about people touring our bedroom. It's Chinese custom that everyone get to see The Bridal Room.

I nearly lost it. Our room has become a storage room with a bed. It was NOT PHYSICALLY possible to clean up our room. Even if we stacked things neater (and we managed to keep it pretty neatly organized in boxes and bags already), it would STILL look like a warehouse with a bed.

Grandma and Grandpa were upset earlier in the week because some of the stuff that was in the trunk of my car had to be put on the floor of the study. I needed my trunk to carry wedding crap around and to put LUGGAGE for THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS who CAME IN from OUT OF TOWN. I have no other space to store the stuff that has taken up a permanently temporary (or is that temporarily permanent?) residence in the trunk of my car. So, all of those boxes got moved up to our bedroom; it added to the rest of our stuff. And now they were telling us that we had to clean up our bedroom.

It was all I could do to keep from cancelling the wedding altogether.

I was becoming more and more introverted as the pressure started building. Where once I would have been bubbly and smiley, I was withdrawing from human company. I couldn't deal with anyone other than the rest of the wedding party, my father and Husband Guy. And even then, I sometimes couldn't deal with Husband Guy.

But as soon as I got to the church, saw my Flower Girl and Ring Bearer, all the pressure just fell RIGHT off me. Michelle and Alexander are two of the most adorable and most intelligent kids. I really really really admire the way Diana and Ricky raise them. It wasn't the first time I'd felt this way either. I "got my old self back" at the rehearsal after that and things just fell right into place.

Gwen walked us through stuff, went over stuff with us, made sure we had enough practice, etc. At this point, "Congratulations!" was the backup plan that I was going to use. I talked to Gwen about it a little and I decided that I had complete trust in her and Roy to pick something for me to walk down the aisle to. I still have no idea what the piece is called and I don't remember how it even sounds. I was concentrating on walking.

We went to the Very-Much-Assortedness-Thank-You Restaurant at Lansdowne in Richmond for an evening snack. It wasn't a formal Rehearsal Dinner with a whole gift exchange or anything.


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