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Men define themselves in large part by
the work they do. Their self-esteem is
primarily generated by a job.

That's me exactly. I was talking to someone and I accidentally said "I'm homeless" instead of "I'm jobless". We laughed that the two were practically synonymous for me. XD

I've been around this last week, but I haven't been able to concentrate on a whole lot. Not enough to write about anything else, at least. I can't seem to relax and enjoy not having to work. I couldn't get my mind off being unemployed. Ex-co-workers were talking about going to Mexico for a looong vacation. I couldn't do that.

I never did hear back from Dev House Close By. Oh well. So, I made my choice. After a week of mulling it over, I'd have to be stupid to not take the IT position at the Finance Company. Ultimately, the main reason I took the position was because I think I'd be more useful to them. Being useful to whomever I work for is most important to me. I very much appreciated the promptness and clarity of their communication and demeanor. Salary is... within range. Benefits aren't fantastic, but I'll live. I think they said they'd be reviewing that in May, so that's cool too.

I'd be working close to userinfoHusband Guy again (woohoo!). I'm kitty corner to kat_box (woohoo!)... though not for long. They're packed like sardines into the office they have right now, but moving to new digs in May (still not too far away though). They were talking about where the devil they'd put me when I start on Monday. They're trying to get a good parking rate in a lot close by.

I can learn to dress better in this part of town. Yaletown wasn't too bad either because it's a trendy place as well, but it's more of a hi-tech district with executives and film crews once in a while, so it's still very casual. The Finance Company (which will be christened "Work" on Monday) is in the financial district of downtown Vancouver. People (well, minus the panhandlers anyway) dress well around that area because they kinda have to. The co-workers are all in jeans and floopies, but I've always worn pants with blouses as well as jeans.

But I can probably get ideas for styles and colours from everyone else. Once in a while, I'll see a woman walking opposite to me wearing a really spiffy outfit that jumps out and looks really good. I try to remember and once in a while, I've actually gotten around to doing something very similar with whatever I could find on sale at the malls. It's usually worked very well. I will have to make better use of my little note pad and pen that I keep on me for miscellaneous things like that.

Anyway, the wedding is tomorrow. Hair is being done tomorrow morning by the same guy who did a fantastic job cutting it for me in November. "Yousef, make me pretty... I don't care how... but it needs to hold until midnight before I turn back into a pumpkin."

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