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Speaking of writing down clothing ensembles that I see on the street...

That feels like something I should be keeping in a journal, but I'm not sure I'd want to post them all here. I might post it to my 43Things.

That's a neat thing I found this week while I was being a mope and not talking much. 43Things is goal- or task-oriented blogging*. You add things that you want to do and make entries that pertain to that goal. You can find people who have the same goals as you and talk. You can find people in your area. You can give commentary on other peoples' goals that you have accomplished.

It's like a reverse approach to LJ. LJ is free-form and you add the entry to a category (in Memories) after you've written it. 43Things is more structured and forces you to write to a topic.

* Two meta-things that I find interesting about it:

  1. It's written in Ruby, an object-oriented interpreted scripting language, most commonly compared to Python and Perl5 (Ruby versus Everything Else comparison table).

  2. It's funded by

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