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Initiation Day

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That's it. I've tripped the alarm at Work. I've been officially anointed and initiated. I'm here to stay now. =)

I don't have my alarm code or security passphrase set up yet. Usually, I'm not the first one in; I'm the second or third. This morning, I opened the door to the high pitched squeal of the 45 second grace period noise.


All I could do was walk over to my desk, put my stuff down and wait for the timer to run down.

*WHIR-WHIR-WHIR-WHIR*... blares the klaxon. It's a DSC system just like home. I've tripped the alarm at home before*. I know the drill: roll my eyes, grab what I need, call the monitoring station on my cell from a little ways down the hall so the sirens won't be right in my ear.

People were poking their heads out their suite doors by now. I did a little sheepish "yes, hi... all my fault, sorry..." This is Vancouver. No one gets too upset at anything. Everyone is just glad to find out it's not them, it's not their fault and have a giggle at your expense.

They sent building security up to kill the noise and that was that.

Two things:

  1. 45 seconds is way too long of a grace period. In 45 seconds, someone who knows what they're doing can get in, cut the connection and disable the system completely without it showing up as an anomaly at the monitoring station [in time? at all? not sure.] There were a flurry of B&Es happening this way some time ago which prompted us to shorten the length.

    If the alarm panel is even a few steps away from the door, 10 to 15 seconds is more than enough time to walk over and enter your code in slow motion.

  2. If you make a mistake, press the '#' key. This resets the timer and resets the data buffer so you can enter your code over again. I think you have a limit of 2 resets (3 retries) before it goes off.

* Apparently, I look like lumpy blankets when I sleep, so a certain Brother-in-Law can't tell I'm actually there and will arm the entire house without bypassing the motion detectors in the hallway outside our bedroom. Oops. =}

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