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Enzyte Trivia

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Really useless trivia:

There's a commercial where Bob, the Enzyte Dude, is in Japan sitting at the end of the table in a restaurant-like place, supposedly bargaining with some Japanese businessmen. It's available here.

The old Japanese guy is actually speaking Cantonese.

I recognize the lip movements. He's saying: 一百萬 ("one million"), 兩百萬 ("two million") and then 百萬 ("five million" with special emphasis on the "five").

After I confirmed this to myself and pointed it out to </a></b></a>, I had to turn the channel away when we see those commercials starting. The freaky grin is bad enough, but sitting through so many "raising" and "upping" puns, I end up feeling vaguely violated.

Tags: chinese

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