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Word of the Day - "夫妻臉"

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夫妻臉 ( liǎn) refers to a husband and wife couple whose faces look very similar.

It makes sense, in a way. In general, most of us are attracted to others who look more similar to our own likeness than average. This is part of the reason why people are generally attracted to partners of their own race. And we're attracted to partners who are of the same (or similar) level of attractiveness as ourselves.

This piece of brain lint was brought to you by Work.

Every once in a while, in the CCs of company e-mail, there appeared a female name that had the same surname as one of my Bosses ... not my Direct Report Boss, but the Departmental Big Boss With Three Non-Punctuated Letters In All Uppercase And A Slightly Smaller Type Size After His Name. I know he's been married for a while, because the whole office was laughing at him one day in mid-March when he remembered his wedding anniversary at 1645h and his assistant was helping him think of where he could pick up flowers on the way home =D =D

But this lady with the same last name was based in another office and I usually don't see her name enough to remember to wonder too often.

At first, I thought she was his wife. Then one day, she was in our office for a meeting. I was never formally introduced, but I did hear someone refer to her by first name and I knew it was her. She looked A LOT like him. And I kinda giggled inwardly...

Hehe... 夫妻臉 =)

But it turns out, I was wrong. They're siblings. =)

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Apr. 11th, 2005 02:28 am (UTC)
You'd think it's not possible, but I have met two guys (one Italian, one Chinese) who both looked incredibly similar. They didn't know each other though, it was at two different highschools =)


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