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Wife Points

weather: cloudy
outside: 6.9°C
mood: *teehee*
ActionPointsRunning Total
I went shopping today after work, found a knee-length black satin slip-skirt and bought it. Do I lose points for spending money? Or do I gain points for doing something Wife Creatures are "supposed" to do that I don't normally do? 0
It was $35 + tax -50 for paying so much for it and not on sale. (50)
I'd been looking high and low for one for two years to wear with the black business/interview/funeral suit with a small black skirt that's amazingly see-through, so I couldn't wear it in the time that I've had it. +200 150
It's a Small and it's still too long, so it will need to be altered along with the sleeves of the jacket. -50 100
I went by Timmy Ho's and bought a box of 40 Timbits for userinfoThe Poor Guy With A Bummed Ankle. +5000 5100
But I ate some in the car while I was waiting for him. -6000 (900)
I waited for 45 minutes. +400 (500)
It was 1815h, I was tired and hungry. +400 (100)
I ate in the car. -900000. Huge no-no. NO EATING IN A NEW CAR. And our car is still considered A New Car™ as evidenced by it still smelling like a new car. (1000000)
But I was really hungry. Restore 500000 (500000)
I brushed the crumbs off the leather seat. +500 (499500)
... and onto the carpet. -300 (499800)

And I end up at -499800 Wife Points. I suck.


Apr. 13th, 2005 02:31 am (UTC)
Ah but you forget you're playing by Male edition rules. If you're playing a game where your DM is a guy, your PC is a girl if she is wearing a skirt, you get HUGE positive modifiers to your roll regardless of the things you do. So that -499800 would get modified to something like a -5. Still not a good result but the consequences aren't fatal.

You just gotta make your saving throws!! =)
Apr. 13th, 2005 02:43 am (UTC)
I thought that was the Male edition rules... would I seriously only get 400 points back for "being tired and hungry at 1815h waiting 45 minutes" if it were the Female edition?



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