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My computer geek score is greater than 94% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

Yes, I was disappointed with my score, but I kinda took exception to one of the questions, so I wrote to the feedback/questions form at the end:

Not a question, but just thought I'd be the zillionth
person to say that this question:

Speaking of Pong... Who created it?

  • Atari
  • Nintendo
  • Ralph Nader
  • Ralph Baer
  • George Costanza

is technically "None of the above". It was created by
Nolan Bushnell at Atari Games.


-- J.

I thought they would have been flooded with corrections on that because, c'mon, it's one of those things that everyone just knows and that's the type of thing that geeks would write to the editor about. =D

And then I get this e-mail back from Darrell Sydlo at NerdTests.Com:


Thanks for the email. You are actually the first person to point
this out to me. Upon researching this a little further I found that
you are correct. Ralph Baer, the person I thought created Pong,
actually didn't make Pong, but instead brought suit to Atari because
Pong was a dead ringer for a game he created a few years prior.
Needless to say, a legal battle followed and Atari ended up paying a
royalty to continue selling Pong ($700,000 1980 USD, equivalent to
$1,800,000 in today's dollars).

Give this aricle a read:

Thanks for the feedback,

The question now reads: "Speaking of Pong... Who patented the idea?" =) And in honour of being the first to find this error, I get:


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