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Mozilla 1.7.8 Site Blocking Bug

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And I was all happy that they fixed the inability to add *.org domains to the block list... =P


  1. Go to the Image Manager (Edit->Preferences->Privacy & Security->Images, choose Manage Image Permissions)

  2. Type "" into the input field and click the "Block" button.

    => Observe that "" is in the list and has a Status "site cannot load images"

  3. Now type "" into the input field and click the "Block" button.

EXPECTED: "" is in the list and has a Status "site cannot load images"

ACTUAL: "" does not get added.

You CAN add them both if you add "" first, then "".

There's a substring matching error when it's doing the check for duplicates. It's probably a developer's typo. To be fair, it could be a killer regex or a library/method/function that has an undocumented gotcha*. The "" is coming up as a positive match for "", it gets treated as a duplicate and is not added to the list.

I don't have time to carry this further. I'll try Cookies and Pop-ups tonight. If anyone wants to log this to, be my guest. In the meantime, I'll be shutting down Moz and editing hostperm.1 by hand like I usually do.

* A "gotcha" is a nasty surprise in a programming language, standard libraries, an operating system, an application or some other system. Some might call them bugs, some call them features. Sometimes they are the result of incompetence or carelessness on the part of the designers or developers and sometimes they are just quirky things that cannot be helped.

I've since realized that this is not a bug. It's actually supposed to work this way. If you block "", that actually includes "" because it includes "" and "". IOW, if I block "", that blocks "", "", and every single "img*" that is in use.

So, once you've blocked "", it's redundant to block "", so it doesn't let you.

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