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After the Ceremony

weather: mostly sunny
outside: 15°C
mood: relieved
We had a big huge receiving line outside, then took family pictures inside the church. It was way too busy outside... I had a list of what group shots I wanted and who was supposed to be when. Some people tried to barge in: "well, we're already here, let us do it first". I had to do the best I can at the gentle, calm "I picked this order for a reason".

This was about the only time I got slightly upset at people all day.

Johnny and Anna (the photographer and his wife) were wonderful. Andy, the video director, and Chris, the camera guy were also infinitely patient with us. I really appreciated everything they did that day.

We went back to W's house for lunch. I couldn't really eat. I was too nervous to be hungry, but I had to have dumpling balls though. I mostly sat in a corner because my train was huge and my gown was heavy, I didn't feel like moving. I practiced my speech a bit. I was being pretty anti-social. The lack of sleep was starting to wear on me by then and I'm glad I didn't eat much. But, I was too afraid to fall asleep.

At about 2:30pm, most of the lunchers had gone home to take a nap, so the house was quiet. We watched "The NBA At 50" for a while. M and M both fell asleep.

At 3:30p, Johnny, Anna, Chris, Andy and Ibrehim joined us again at W's house. We took one or two pictures at his house, then headed off to QE Park. Holy moly, everyone and their little sister were taking wedding photos there. I knew it would be busy. But Johnny said it would be okay.

The "I hate people" feeling came out again as people cluelessly walked in front of, behind and around us. But we took some photos, met up with my parents at the Rose Garden, took more photos, then left. We made our way back to Richmond. The girls were dropped off at Hung Niang for a touch up. The guys went to check in at the Sheraton just down the street.


Jul. 10th, 2001 08:22 pm (UTC)
weddings, post trauma.
My wedding was at 3 pm. I was up at 8 am, and not impressed.

My makeup artist made my eyes gush and water when she went daft with the eyeliner.

My sister in law and I snuck out to scarf big macs and didn't tell anyone where we were for half an hour.

My mom bought teal decorations, after we had decided on BLUE. That almost made me snap.

In the two hours of photos, I got to sit down ONCE.

SO yeah, I totally hear what you went through.

I loved your gold dress, at the banquet, it was amazing.

And you, well, you looked terrific.

Weddings are such stress, if you're the bride. It's like being expensive cargo or something, because my patience was at ZERO by the time the ceremony hit.

Congrats, tho! Love the hello kitty couple on your limo. I took a picture of that!
Jul. 12th, 2001 10:57 am (UTC)
Re: weddings, post trauma.
Thanks =)

You could actually sneak. Me, my 100 pound gown and my 5 foot train would have failed the sneak roll every single try (AD&D-ism... ask xinit about it) =) =)

All of my dresses were kinda loose on me. None of them fit the way they originally did when I got them =P
Jul. 12th, 2001 11:00 am (UTC)
Re: weddings, post trauma.
Wish mine was loose. It was just under the line of snug.

But we snuck off before I had gotten dressed in THE DRESS, sitting in MCd's overly haired and made up, feasting on big macs, fries, shakes and pies. Yup, the works.

Felt 6 years old doing that.


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