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New CDs - Tao and Sonicaid Relaxation

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I went by a gift shop on the way back from lunch and thought what the hey. I went in and made a small attempt to overcome my oniophobia a little... =)

I got Tao (Ron Allen et al.). It has less of a Chinese sound to it due to the guitar, the fretless bass, the hi hat, the keyboard and Shannon Kingsley's voice. She only ever does background vocals and only "ah". Before I looked at the credits, I could hear from the phonation that she had a very Caucasian voice.

I definitely prefer Feng Shui, but Tao is very nice as well.

The Sonicaid CDs looked very interesting on the shelf. What can I say? I'm a sucker for surface plots of various objects — teapots in particular, but any complex object will do. =) Anyway, I pressed the buttons to hear the samples. I liked Relaxation the best. Daniel May is a very talented composer. I'm pretty sure this is the same person who wrote the music for the Feng Shui CD.

I wonder if this is the same Daniel May that did the music for Everest with Liam Neeson...

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