The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House


My Maid of Honour flew back to Toronto this morning at 7:30a. Off to finish her PhD. I resolve to be at the Dr. Bowen Ceremony come hell or high water.

I'm still woefully behind in my Post Wedding stuff... I haven't written about the big hornet that was in attendance at the Ceremony who also decided that it was one of the wedding party.

I haven't even gotten to the Banquet yet which is about half of the wedding day.

I'm slowly getting stuff together for the Thank You's. Gift certificates for Husband Guy's cousins who helped out a lot. I still need to pester Father Man for the wording on the Chinese thank you's. I bought him a cell phone (Nokia 8260) which should bribe him along =)

Had a minor foo-fah yesterday which resulted in me being AWOL from work. =P


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