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Shop For Me?

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Would anyone like to shop for me? I mean clothing shopping.

I've come to accept that I'm very oniophobic. For clothing, mostly.

In that way, Costco is the best. If I could, I'd pick up stuff without even stopping the cart, but I have to park and dig around for a Small or X-Small. Their Smalls used to fit me well, but have been getting bigger and bigger lately, so I always see if there are X-Smalls around.

Finding a bargain is better than paying full price, but I'm so exhausted and drained that I end up wishing I _did_ just fucking pay full price, grabbed what I needed and left. And even when I'm willing to pay full price, it can take me years to find what I need.

So, I want to find someone to shop for me. Someone who loves to shop, of course.

I want to find someone about my size and shape so they can try things on for me.

I want someone who knows what styles and colours I would look good in. I want someone who knows that I prefer things a little more 斯文和秀氣, less trendy, more timeless styles, mix'n'match-able, but I'm open to new ideas and suggestions á là Stacy & Clint.

Bonus if it's someone who regularly flies back and forth between Taiwan or Hong Kong and Vancouver anyway, who could shop on either side of the water. I don't have to have name-brand stuff, I can wear street vendor stuff as long as it's a decent quality, of sane colour and pattern. Stuff from Taiwan or one of those Chinese malls in Richmond is generally less expensive and, more importantly, FITS ME.

I could throw $100 at them every once in a while with a request like "okay, get me some pants" and they'd magically show up at my doorstep a reasonable amount of time later with 3-4 pairs of assorted cute, casual pants and jeans. $200? $500? whatever it takes...

Then the next time, I could say "shirts", "shoes" or "surprise me". And they'd go off and get me whatever I need.

I'd compensate for gas and time on local trips... and whatever else that's reasonable that I hadn't thought of.

*sigh* Si j'avais des millions... Tire tire tire tire tire tire boum...

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