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Tagged by userinfoAlex... What, I only get SIX slots?!?!?

  1. I randomly help internet strangers with semi-geeky stuff. It was a birdie who needed my help, uh-kay?!

  2. I tested as many LJ Clients as I possibly could to get them all listed in my Userinfo, back when LJ was still doing that. I had more than userinfoTeh Brad himself at the last time I checked. I maintain that he removed that because he was jealous that he didn't have as many as I did. *stifled giggle*

    It's all honest-to-goodness setting up the hardware, OS, environment and software. I didn't cheat with a script either. Here's me figuring out one of them out loud, showing my work.

  3. I write like a failed bestseller trash novelist:
    • here
    • here
    • And: included in a tech support incident report e-mail at Big Corporate Ex-Work that was sent to an Account Manager, Engineering Lead, Implementation Engineering Manager (my boss), a VP of Operations, but not the customer themselves.
      ... and we finally found that a setting in one of the initialization files was incorrect. It should have been set to "40000".

      Thus spake Sir Boss Man with the fury of ten thousand maelstroms that threaten to engulf and consume the entirety of the known universe in one terrible hellfire that elfens Satan's own.

      It was Reliant Energy that broke. Everyone is always on edge about REI. And, as usual, it was a stupid misconfiguration that we traced to an IP address coming from their internal LAN. I was probably the most well-known peon after that XD I had the excuse of being sleep-deprived though. I was carrying the pager for 24 hour support and it was 0330h.

  4. I tell the dorkiest jokes.

  5. I'm having trouble picking the dorkiest of dorky journal entries from all of these.

  6. I'm a dork because refuse to tag anyone else. I'm a Proud Chain Breaker. =)


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Jun. 13th, 2005 04:59 am (UTC)
i think i started using semagic 'cause of one of your posts.
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