The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Thank You Packages

Mabel's envelopes turned out to be the wrong dimensions. We'll have to make a run to Office Depot or something to get envelopes. The Thank-You Package includes the thank you card with the blurb I wrote and an extra sentence or two for each person that makes me feel like I did something different for each individual =)

They'll also get the pictures that they took with the disposable cameras if they were at the banquet and $30 Silver City movie gift certificates if they helped that day.

I was going to write individual/different notes for everyone, but doing 200 of those by hand would have made my arm fall off. Only about 250 people were in attendance which makes about only 100+ thank-you's, but the people who didn't come sent us gifts and well wishes. There were even people who were not invited(!) who sent us gifts and well wishes (some v-e-r-y  l-o-n-g and interesting stories involving Husband Guy's father refusing to invite a long time family friend after being prompted several times by various family members).

I made a point to include everyone: Mindy, the hair/makeup lady; Lily and Nancy, the beauticians; Aksel and Mary, the wedding supply folks; anyone who did anything for me for the wedding.

We ended up with a lot more thank-you's than invitations.


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