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Work and Yard Work

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I was hauled into my Departmental Big Boss' office with my Direct Report Boss today. It was to congratulate me on passing my three month probation period with flying colours. They're very happy with what I've done in the time I've been there. So, that was cool.

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I was helping my Mother-In-Law in the yard today in the early evening. Since she's been in Taiwan running the café with her sisters, our yard has become a sty. Weeds and random alien flora species were eating everything up. It wasn't quite as bad as "mow your lawn and find a car", but... it was pretty bad. =}

I learned very quickly that I should ask her before I pulled up anything. I can't tell the difference between weeds and purposely planted things.

"The good looking ones are the plants, the ugly ones are the weeds" she tells me.

Um. They all look the same to me. They're all green, leafy, have thorns, flowers and berries and stuff on them. So, I was relegated to snipping everything she pulled up into small pieces and putting them into garbage bags.

In about an hour or two, we collected up about four full bags for the yard trimmings collection folks. It looks awfully empty along the back fence now. I thought it looked better before we went at it — all wild and verdant. But I think she would have clod-beaten me with the broom if I said it out loud =D =D

We're talking while we're working. Well, she talks. I just listen, nod, laugh, etc. She likes to talk. I like listening because she has funny stories about the family in Taiwan. Then all of a sudden, she looked up and quipped at me, "Did you see that I straightened up the flowerpots by the steps?"

I think about it for a second and reply, "I walk by the steps every day without paying any attention to the flowerpots, so I can't tell anyway."

Her face drops and she says, "I'm going to beat you up." =D =D

The other night, we made 粽子 (zòng zi) for the 端午節 (Duan Wu) festival. She did most of them, but I helped wrap about a third of them. In the evening, she announces that she's not going to do the dishes that night. She meant that one of us should do the dishes. I said, "oh sure, you can do the dishes tomorrow morning..." She was going to smack me, but I quickly rolled up my sleeves and started towards the sink, so she stood down =) =) =)

That's the kind of relationship we have. XD

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