The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

In Deference to Trees

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Life, this last week, has consisted of having an early dinner and going to bed insanely early (like 1900h) with a book. It started off as a precaution. I wasn't feeling too well and wanted to get more rest, but then I didn't want to stop. It's so peaceful and relaxing, away from everyone and everything.

I've had many excuses for not reading more.

As worthy an expenditure as it is, I refused to spend endlessly on books and the library was only open during times when I couldn't go. But I've since discovered that the public library branch near my house is now open much longer hours (until 2100h most weekday evenings) which makes me a lot more motivated.

I've always been very discouraged with reading, at least hardcopy text. For whatever reason, I have a much better time reading text on-screen (fiction and non-fiction alike) than hardcopy.

I also read fiction really slowly. The popular notion is of the voracious, avid reader who wolfs down books faster than their lunch. And combined with my affinity towards soft copy material, I had, absurdly, convinced myself that I don't like reading. Which absolutely is not true. I do love reading, when I find subject matter I like.

And other people don't matter.

They never have.

I know better. But I'm still discovering all the retarded little ways that I let myself be defined by others.

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