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Based on the LJ interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in these things:

  1. music score: 28

    => I don't have this in my interest list because it's way too vague. There are way too many genres for this to be anywhere near meaningful.

  2. singing score: 20

    => I can't and won't sing. Unless you get me drunk. Then it'll be your fault.

  3. reading score: 20

    => I don't read much, but I will be reading a bit more in the next little while.

  4. movies score: 16

    => Movies are such a crapshoot for me, as far as entertainment goes, that I don't want to list it as an interest.

  5. piano score: 15

    => Piano what? I like listening to various piano pieces, but I'm not really interested in all things piano on the whole.

  6. computers score: 14

    => Computers are so much a part of my life that it never even occurred to me to include it as an interest.

  7. cooking score: 13

    => I'm not interested in cooking at all.

  8. photography score: 12

    => I don't have an eye for photography.

  9. anime score: 11

    => Not into anime or manga.

  10. cats score: 11

    => Not a cat person.

  11. food score: 11

    => Couldn't care less. I can have heated up leftovers for days on end. I can have the same food, same flavours, same tastes every day and never get tired of it.

  12. books score: 11

    => See "reading".

  13. wine score: 10

    => I would be a really big oenophile if I could afford it.

  14. technology score: 9

    => Way too vague.

  15. psychology score: 9

    => Way too vague.

  16. art score: 9

    => I'm not interested in art at all. They say that art is subjective and there's no right or wrong to it, but I'm constantly getting the vibe that my opinion is wrong. So, I've completely given up talking about it with anyone. I'll gawk at what I like and leave it at that.

  17. lord of the rings score: 9

    => There's enough interest in LOTR to more than cover it for me, so I don't bother.

  18. philosophy score: 9

    => I'm not interested in all aspects of philosophy.

  19. hayao miyazaki score: 8

    => Sure, yes, I think his stuff is neat, but only in passing.

  20. jazz score: 8

    => The first time I mention to someone that I love Classical music, they will almost always ask me if I like Jazz. I've gotten this on and off throughout the years and didn't think much of it, but now that it's Vancouver International Jazz Festival time, people are asking me if I'm going and what I'm interested in hearing, etc. Jazz isn't really my cuppa. I find it too "all over the place" for me and I have a hard time following anything. But I've also noticed the trend; people who like Classical are very likely Jazz fans.

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