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Evacuating Tall Buildings

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Today was a short day at Work. Work is all packed up to move over the weekend. Starting Monday, we'll be in the new building, 5th floor of a 6 story building. I'll be a lot closer to userinfoHusband Guy's office.

This morning started off with a fire drill. I guess it was to be expected. The alarms were tested several times in the last few months. We're also adjacent to one of the building management suites that they use for training and seminars. We got a earful that day they had a building emergency procedures seminar. Some of it was quite amusing. Some of it was pretty harrowing, like the terrorist simulation.

We're on the 8th floor of a 20 story building. Instead of the traditional red fire alarm bell, they have a blinging intercom signal.

"What's that?" we ask each other.

"It's a warning... it, like, _warns_ you."

It warns you... and THEN the fire starts. XD

The Concierge Lady speaks over the building-wide intercom: "Attention please, attention please. We are investigating a fire in the building. Please stand by for further instructions."

We're still cracking jokes at this point. "Screw the fire, I'm busy."

"Okay, that blinging is bordering on annoying." Right on cue, the signal blings faster and angrier.

"Thanks a lot, man. Now you've offended the blinger." XD XD

Concierge Lady: "Attention please, attention please. We are evacuating the building immediately. I repeat, we are evacuating the building immediately. Please follow the instructions of your floor warden."

We follow the floor warden lady in the sexy construction orange vest with the yellow X-shaped reflector strips and a red hard hat that she wouldn't wear, but just waved in the air above her so that we could see her.

We went down 8 flights of stairs. Our route must have taken us near one of the boiler rooms because we joked that "um... it's getting _warmer_ in here..." Yeah, it's the old addage: in case of fire, head to the centre of the earth.

Anyone who hates fire drills and always stays at their desk for these stupid things, I have to tell you:

The Fire Marshall can go through the building and for each person that is still sitting at their desk, ignoring the drill, their company can be fined x number of dollars. It's a good idea to participate, no matter how busy you are and no matter how much "x number of dollars" is.

Go outside, get some fresh air and take a breather. It'll be good for you. Seriously.

Remember to save your work though.



Jun. 26th, 2005 04:44 pm (UTC)
I am one of those sadly anachronistic people. While I do actually have a cell phone, I never have it with me, and if I do, it's not charged, and anyway I have the super basic no frills no SMS service.

But I may just have to learn to live in the 21st century. I got stuck in the elevator at work a couple months ago, and that's when I discovered that a) the emergency phone in the elevator was never hooked up, and b) the alarm button makes a loud noise that nobody in the building recognises and doesn't ring at security anyway.

We don't actually have any areas of refuge in our stairwells either, we just call them that. The company I work for now has no buildings more than 5 stories, put me on the emergency response team, bought an evacuation chair, and has drilled with it, so I'm pretty happy with that.


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