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"POST MORE PICTURES", says userinfoMy Peanut Gallery. And _I_ was supposed to twist _his_ arm to write more =D =D

Okay, here goes. I'll warn you first. I suck at photography. I have no eye for it. I see beautiful little vignettes everywhere I go, but the picture that I try to capture of it doesn't even look like it's from the same parallel universe. It looks nothing like what I'm seeing. I'm beginning to wonder if it really is just that my picture taking skills are that crappy or if there's something fundamentally whacked about how I view the world that's that far off from reality...

The book I wanted wasn't available at the library close to my house, so I had to get it at another branch close to Work. I'd never been to this branch before, but thanks to the handy dandy Acura TSX Navigation System:

... I had no problems finding it at all. We have the Telepathic Option, none of this low tech Voice Recognition™ crap for us. Didn't cost us a dime either. =)

A. Ny. Hoo.

I had some time to kill yesterday, so I wandered into A Gift Shop. That was probably one of the most dangerous things I could have done. I escaped relatively unscathed for the incredible risk I took going in there. But among the injuries sustained (aside from the dent in the wallet) include:

A little packet of mints in a pink tin:

If you slide open the door, it has a mirror in it:

And you could take out the mirror thing if you wanted to:

I thought to myself, "easter would go bananas over this." userinfoDaae, let me know if you want one, I'm planning to go back anyway and get more for a few little girls I know who would like them =)

And a miniature shopping cart. Yes, that's right. I am the owner of a miniature shopping cart, just a little bigger than my fist.

Why? Because. =}

It was a dangerous thing for me to be in there in the first place. I knew the risks and this was a part of the casualties.

But, but... LOOKIT:

The back panel swings up like a real shopping cart:

The kiddie seat really folds away:

And the teeny tiny wheels really roll and have a 360° free rotation:

You don't look impressed. Alright fine. Then how'bout this.

Bumblebee Porn

and one 13 second, 4M AVI, uncut, raw footage.

I now rise (fall?) to the ranks of the bona fide Bumblebee Porn Producers =) I went out to get some fresh air today, which is a novel thing for me, but that's a whole other post that I'll write up later. On my way, I saw a HUGE fuzzy bumblebee fly across my path. It seemed to land on the leaf of a bush. As I got closer, I realized there were actually TWO of them. And *cough* they were *ahem* going at it in broad daylight *blush*.

So I filmed them. XD XD

No respect. None at all. Hey, they skipped over me when they were handing out the Nice Girl™ badges anyway. So there.

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