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Friday Fiver - Pet Connection

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1. Are you a dog or cat person?

Neither. I'm a bird person. I guess most people don't think of avian domestic pets.

2. How many pets do you have?

Two. userinfoSkippy, a one year old Lutino, and userinfoSid, an eight year old Normal Grey.

3. What's the best thing about your pets?

Cockatiels are easier to take care of than larger animals. They're small, so they can't do much damage even when they bite and scratch. They're kept in cages if they're going to be left unattended, so you don't have to worry about them destroying the house while you're not looking. Most importantly to me, their feces is much lower in bacteria and sulphur content than larger animals. It doesn't smell as strong as, say, cat or dog poop.

4. What's the weirdest thing your pet has done?

They do some funny things that I've posted about over the last year and a half: flinging water gleefully, chatting with everybody's toes, being outraged at a missing water cup, acting like a retarded bat, etc. ... but they don't do anything especially weird, not for birds anyway.

I have some AVIs of Skippy eating spinach and getting green goo all over her face, but that hasn't been downloaded from the camera yet. =)

5. Plans for any more pets?

Not at the moment. A while back, I had very briefly thought about getting a third — another handfed baby. Sid is pretty grouchy and territorial. I felt bad that that was the only example of behaviour towards others of their own species that Skippy had. But I'm not sure if we can handle more than two.

We'll see, though. I'm not sure how long Sid will live. When we speak sharply at him to stop him from picking, he gets upset. I can't see the anger being good for him or his immune system. He'll eat carrot, corn and peas sometimes, but he's generally not open to eating new foods like userinfoSkippy is. He could use some leafy vegetables, for example. So, nutritionally, he's pretty limited. In that way, I don't think he'll live to be more than 15 years old, tops.

fridayfiver, July 22, 2005

Tags: open-ended surveys, sid, skippy

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