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Phone Bitch

Had to share.

I had a Vancouver Sun/Province telemarketer (Charlene, I think she said her name was) call my cell (probably). She asked how I was and I instantly replied "Very busy" with a polite chortle. She started her schpiel, then got to the part where she asked me what papers I read. "CNN Online".

Charlene mutters a defeated "oo-kaay", quickly puts it aside and continues on reading off the pricing sheet for the great deal that she has for me today. At that point, I interrupted her and said, "Look, how do you beat FREE and ONLINE?". She mutters something about how they only have a subset of articles (or some lame-o thing like that). I said, "No, it's complete, I have World coverage and it's updated hourly. What I can't find on ONE site would most definitely be on someone elses' site if it's important enough".

She stammers out something about not being able to find back issues of articles online.

I, being increasingly A Bitch, said, "They ALWAYS have full online archives. What's more, if it were important enough, I will always be able to find information about it on the internet. If it were important enough, there will be an 'Official' website, an 'Official Unofficial' website and nine bazillion other websites made by everyone and their hamster."

Before she could start again, I said, "Thank you very much, I'm very busy." and hung up on her.

This was the first time I've reamed out a telemarketer. It felt SO GOOD.


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