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Hippo Birdies, Mother-in-Law!!

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We brought my Mother-in-Law to The Stone Grill Restaurant for her birthday. It was disappointing in that the ovens that heated up the individual grills broke. They improvised and did something with the dinners that we ordered.

I guess when the premise of your restaurant is that people cook their own food, you don't employ a chef. Aren't medium and medium rare steaks supposed to be a bit red? A little pink even? And that was the first time I had Ahi tuna that was cooked through completely...

But Birthday Girl™'s dinner was done mostly right and they did give us a humongous discount, so we left them a decent tip based on the original total. We did get four gift certificates, but there was a big pile of restrictions printed on the back — ie. only 1 gift certificate per party; not valid several days of the week; not valid during the Symphony of Lights; and tons of other bullet points that I don't remember.

We have until September to decide if we want to go back and try them again.

Tags: family, restaurants

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