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I hate tangos. I mean the MUSIC AND DANCE STYLE for all of you whose heads are jammed in Ghost Recon Mode. =P

I usually hate the sound of tangos. Maybe I just don't like the ballroom tango and I'm actually okay with the Spanish/Argentine style that were meant to be listened to and not danced to. Perhaps it's because the ballroom tango is the one that is most popularly associated with the word "tango" and that's what I think of.

I have never understood how people could describe it as "sexy". It has to be one of the most unsexy things to me. But I don't like staccato to begin with... which means I'm not much of a Baroque fan either. And I MAD HATE strobe lights at clubs... but that's neither here nor there =}

However, this afternoon, I heard the most smooth and liquid and evoking tango.

Tango in D by Isaac Albeniz.

Wow, was that ever beautiful!

And I wasn't sure if I should have been driving at that moment =} It still had that distinct tango rhythm in 2/4 time, but it wasn't nearly as severe and jarring as what I'm used to hearing. It was done FABULOUSLY by Viveza, a small Canadian chamber ensemble. I heard two strings and a piano, but I could have just been enjoying it too much to try to pick out the double bass.

It really was ALMOST sexy. Almost. =) I would buy their Tango, Tango CD, but I'm really afraid that all the other tracks are the ballroom style tango that I don't like. =P

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