The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Wedding Pictures

So here I am, just THIS || short of going bananas organizing our wedding pictures and putting them into the Thank You Package for our guests. =P

I had disposable cameras at every table. I got them way back when I thought I'd have ~300 guests. They came in packages of 3 at Costco, so we got 9 packs. I didn't expect much and the results were inconsistent (some _really_ good ones and some really crappy ones). But the really good ones (about half) made it _totally_ worthwhile.

When it came to ordering them, I got triple prints of each roll. BAD IDEA. My original thought was that I would have enough to just give them all away and be done with it and if there were some wasted, then so be it.

But now, I'm finding that there's a lot wasted AND I still have to get additional prints where 3 are not enough to go around. There were large group shots where each person/couple should get one. And I have to sit there figuring out how many I already have and how many more I need to get, etc.

If I were to do the pictures over again, I'd get single prints to keep, shove them all in albums with the package number and index number marked, then figure out how many other people will need.

I now have 5 albums packed full for 4x6 pictures, each one is for 200+ pictures - 4 of them (800 4x6's) are my own, I put one of them (200 pics) together for my parents that contains the better pics that Johnny (Photographer Guy) took. There are two other partially filled albums containing miscellaneous pictures that came from the table cameras.

Ivy (Mother-in-law Woman) and I have a slight disagreement as to what albums to use for the wedding pictures. Mabel (Bridesmaid Girl) got me a Pork Chop photo album that I really liked, so I went and got other similar albums with different covers. MIL Woman's albums are three-ringed binders with picture pockets.

What can I say, I like book binding. *shrug* She said to me, "I have time, I can move all those pictures in your albums to the three-ringed binder ones". I just smiled and said, "if you have time, you can move them from the binders to mine." =)


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