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Work Update

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We have a major release going live tomorrow. That tells you what kind of week I've been having.

I'm back in school. Every day is Pop Quiz Day in my hardest subject (Somebody Else's Money 101 which is infinitely harder than My Money 100 which I'm currently failing too) and I don't get part marks for just putting my name at the top. That's what life feels like right now.

Work is nebulous stuff that gets confusing really fast to me. I just started getting a handle on the new piece of it this week. When I get it, it's great. And then the hallucinogens wear off. </sarcasmo>

Although, I have been breathing bog peat fumes all week from the Burns Bog fire in Delta, BC. That could be it.

Our product had shipped in French earlier this summer. I've been working exclusively in Italian for the last few weeks which will be shipping tomorrow as well. I don't know any Italian, so it's been interesting seeing how much I can piece together from music lessons from a lifetime ago and the Italian opera that I listen to. We do have a contractor who is fluent in Italian, to help with the actual language, proofreading for spelling, grammar, cultural correctness and what-not. But we still have to go through the technical aspect of the system.

There are things that work differently in the different locales even though it should be just a difference in the skin and nothing else. The character encoding, number and currency formats play merry hell with everything.

But it hasn't actually been too bad. Monday morning, I developed a blood-spitting hatred for humanity (yes, again...) and surprisingly, this has made Work feel like a beer garden by comparison. Good times. =)

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