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Because they're not hard and they need to be done:

  •   Write thank you letter to Uncle Jimmy for giving me a whole pile of 1992-94 Star Trek magazines in EXCELLENT condition... I haven't seen him in years and he still remembers my geekiness. =O

  •   Write letter to the principal of the elementary school to accompany the yellowjacket wasp hive.

  •   Read my book before it's due back at the library. There's a spoiler right in the first few pages. If this book lives up to its awards, that's an incredible mark of confidence for an author to do. Must. Read. On.

For the Vacation 2005 Trip:

  •   Passport Application — filled in the easy stuff.
    •   email Exec. Assistant Lady re: Work contact
    •   call YX re: ex-Work contact
    •   call Ref #1
    •   call Ref #2 — Canadian passport applications require two non-relative references... to, like, y'know, tell them that you behave nicely on planes and stuff. We asked cousins-in-law and just put down "Friend". They've known us for over 10 years and we were friends first. "Non-relative." How do they decide how many generations down from the common ancestor to consider "not family"? Because, in the end, we're all descendants of that one ape. Seriously.
    •   photocopy driver's licence and health care card
    •   get Dentist Man to sign stuff in between appointments on Saturday or something... Doctor Lady is very far and I'd have to take time off to go.
    •   hand in application at Sinclair Centre Passport office and pay.

    Update: October 6, 2005 — Passport Done! Expect to get it in the mail around October 21, 2005.

    Update: Can't remember when they came in now, but they've arrived safely in the mail.

  •   Immunizations — try to find immunization booklet. We need Typhoid ($40), Hepatitis A ($65), MMR (free) [plus the $30 Travel Consultation Fee] but I had some done in mid-1998 for my trip to China.

    Update: November 1, 2005 — Immunizations Done! Wow, I like this travel immunization clinic much better. They're open late, the doctor on duty was very knowledgeable, she asked us a lot of questions about our medical history, where we're going, what areas we'd be travelling through and told us A LOT about each risk item. The nurse that did our immunizations was also very very knowledgeable and was very good at putting us at ease, explaining exactly what was going on and what was supposed to happen, what to watch for, etc.

  •   Money — traveller's cheques, cash, bank draft for red envelope... figure out how much TWD and ZAR we want. I have some USD cash and The Husband has USD traveller's cheques from our 2001 trip. Update: November 08, 2005 — I have USD traveller's cheques, but my RBC branch doesn't have ZAR cash. It's considered an exotic currency and they need 3 business days to order it in. They told me I can go to the downtown Main Branch where they have a foreign exchange centre. I'll be going tomorrow. =P


  •   Pester a Buddy Boy™ for his Vancouver shopping list so I can slowly gather the things he wants while I'm out getting our stuff. He's in Taiwan, so we'll be bringing stuff over to him while we're there. Update: November 08, 2005 — got his shopping list; bought what he wanted; and his parents came over tonight and brought some of the stuff he wanted us to bring for him.

  •   Stuff to get for Dad:
    •   Windows XP Home Edition (Chinese Traditional)
    •   Chinese True Type Fonts

    I'm going to install OpenOffice 2.0 for them. Mozilla for their browser

  •   Stuff to get for myself:
    •   Small MP3 player that supports Chinese; Chinese iPod Shuffle/Nano for my brother(?)
    •   Chinese<->English software... I just wanted to ask B, N and K what they all use or if there's a good free one available. Even if I have to buy one, I can get that online.

  •   Anniversary Photos — We might as well, while we're in Taiwan. The one that did our wedding photos is no longer there, but studios are a dime a dozen there. We'll have no problem finding someone to do them for us. I think I will bring my black velour qi-pao with me to get some shots of it.

    I had wanted to ask the photo studio if they'll take my wedding gown in exchange for a bigger discount on my photos. I'll wear it one last time for the pics and then they can have it. But the thought of lugging a big freaking 500lb foofy white tent with me on vacation just does not appeal. I think I'm just going to donate it to Making Memories (Breast Cancer Foundation) for the charitable tax credit.

    Update: November 08, 2005 — we may not do this afterall. Too pressed for time.

South Africa:

  •   *sigh* ... What the hell am I going to wear to the wedding? Oh wait, this qi-pao still counts as brand new because it's with a different crowd... sure, I'll go with that. =}

    Update 1 (October 8, 2005): Although... X{ South Africa is supposed to be really warm. Wouldn't I look loonier than a toon in velour? ... Crap. Gotta think about this more. I don't want to spend more money, but I still want to wear something nice.

    Update 2 (November 1, 2005): I ended up buying a light blue qi-pao blouse online — Taiwanese custom doesn't seem to mind wearing blue at weddings; light blue would not have been okay with my family, but I see userinfoThe Husband's family wearing blue at weddings. I got a light pink one as well because the shipping and handling charges would be stupid if I didn't get at least another one, but it would be for other events. They're nothing really fancy, just a plain plum blossom brocade, mandarin collar, side opening, frog clasps. I'll wear that with a black skirt to the wedding.

    We have also been invited to the groom's mother's birthday party while we're in Cape Town. I think I'll go with black pants, black halter top and a decorative large silk scarf on my shoulders in a loose ascot. If I can find a large scarf brooch/clip, I'd do that, but I've always had trouble finding one I like.

    I'm not good at figuring out clothing issues to begin with, but this just keeps getting harder and harder. =P

  •   Hair. I have no bloody idea what to do with my hair. I really wish I were adept enough to use rollers so I could have pretty curly hair. Not sure what to do. Buy an ionic curler set and learn to use it? Go to Youssaf one last time before I leave? Just forget about it and do whatever? Try to find a hairdresser near the wedding location?

    The Mother-in-Law said she would ask what the bride and her sisters are doing for their hair and makeup on the day. I found a beauty salon that advertises Special Wedding Packages. They're in the same city as the wedding venue, but I'm not sure how far away they are or how feasible it would be to go to them. The wedding's at 5:30pm and I don't see anything else on the itinerary for that day.

  •   Count up the number of people at Work (~30) and userinfoHusband Guy's Work (~20) so we can buy something to bring back.

  •   Figure out who to send postcards to and print their addresses out on labels before we go.

Re: Inviting ourselves to the wedding - I'm still not totally happy with what I did, but to be fair, we talked to userinfoHusband Guy's Cousin Girl herself. After she squealed "OF COURSE YOU GUYS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND!!!" at me and proceeded to not let me answer or get a word in edgewise (okay, she might have let me thank her once), she started going on and on and on and ON AND ON AND ON about flight schedules, airlines, air fare, all the logistics and tour bookings around Cape Town. =}

And I've made an effort to find out how much we should give them for their red envelope. Now I don't know if we should give them TWD or ZAR.

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