The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House


    it doesn't seem fair that people who cannot afford to have paid accounts are left "out in the cold" with things like fast servers or search directories
Excuse me, but if you can't afford a $25/year payment, then I'd say you have bigger problems to worry about than the slowness of the LiveJournal servers and no search directory. Like EATING, maybe?

And who says you're SUPPOSED to get anything for free anyway? How can people not understand that GETTING FREE STUFF IS A BONUS?

I've been an income-less student before. I know what that's like. Lining up for hours to use one of the dumb terminals at the 20-machine lab in the University Library that connected at 1200 baud to e-mail for half an hour before the lab monitor kicked you off, was a privilege.

I'll spare the stories about walking 50 miles to a non-heated school with snow up to my chin, nothing but newspapers wrapped on my feet, uphill, both ways, and sometimes being chased by wild Black Bears. =D

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