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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy () — Crispy, a bit dry, but still good.

Supersize Me () — ... As far as preaching to the choir goes.

The Forgotten () — It was good all the way up until the Alfre Woodard thing happened. Then it started getting really lame.

Big Fish () — It was messy and made no sense, like a door-to-door used crazy stick salesman.

Fever Pitch () — That was some of the worst acting I've seen from Drew Barrymore, ever. I love Jimmy Fallon's singing; I like Jimmy Fallon's goofing off; I like Jimmy Fallon's funny stuff. I hate Jimmy Fallon's acting.

Dodgeball () — Ha. Ha. Okay. Next.

The Beach () — That su-- ... Fine, lemme finish watching first. *watchingwatching* ... --cked.

The Village () — Hmmm, I'm in the minority, but I quite liked this one. I actually liked it better than Sixth Sense. It was just the right place to end it. You think it's kinda neat, but it's actually creepy and disturbing in a human psychological kind of way.

M. Night Shyamalan is a magician. He's not a large scale illusionist like David Copperfield or Sigfried & Roy. He's a sleight of hand magician. He does very simple-looking card tricks on a plain wooden end table with a short sleeved shirt on. When he does it well, you're still very very amazed.

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