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English Calligraphy

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Another handwritten post. Well, sorta =)

A long time ago, I bought a cheap teach-yourself-calligraphy kit from a local drug store. I think it was on special and I was curious. It came with three different pens, lots of different coloured ink cartridges, it had really good step-by-step instructions, exactly what to do with your pen, how to hold it and explained everything in great detail.

All of which, I proceeded to completely ignore XD ... and did it my own way, reverse engineering all the letters by looking at the sample. This is how I cook too and it works out quite well... I just have a horrendous time sharing recipes... =}

I remember that I didn't like some of the letters and made up something different. I felt ripped off when the capitals were just bigger versions of the lowercase letters. That simply will'nt do, so I made nicer ones. It's a very simple beginner's Chancery style, so it wasn't too hard. I think I maybe did ¾ of the alphabet once and then went on to transcribe these four beautiful verses that kelliem wrote and shared with me... that I am now posting with permission from Kellie =)

It's all gloppy and full of boo-boos everywhere, you can tell by the way things don't quite meet up in places that I hadn't been doing it for very long at all. But it was loads of fun.

740x1100; 268K

When I first read it, I felt a tingling circle form at the top of my head. It expanded outward and moved down my body. Just past my shoulders, I think it disappeared. I briefly felt something in my stomach flutter. The tingling circle reappeared a moment later just above my knees and travelled down to my feet, then out my toes. It passed a very nice meditative calm through me.

Kellie is a very very talented writer. She has the most artful command of literary rhythm, balance, diction and structure, I have ever seen.


Oct. 23rd, 2005 01:31 am (UTC)
when i was 13 (or maybe 14), one of my classes had this unit on calligraphy. we had to do all sorts of different fonts, upper and lower case and then you had to write out your name. i hated mine because it was an additional 12 letters on top of the 52 i had already done.

but that's pretty calligraphy though.
Oct. 23rd, 2005 01:34 am (UTC)
I wish we did calligraphy in school. We did penmanship, but no calligraphy =P
Oct. 23rd, 2005 06:29 am (UTC)
We had penmanship up until 2nd grade, maybe 3rd grade.


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