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weather: raining
outside: 11.2°C
mood: cheerful
Weekend. Right! =)

Had a wonderful Sunday brunch with cloganese and cavin who came up from Seattle for a weekend getaway to see the Vancouver Opera production of Turandot*. Vancouver also had a home hockey game and a home football game on that Saturday night, all in that same area of downtown, so it was totally bananas, I hear =P And they say we're the No Fun City...

But, I'm glad the guys had a good time despite that.

I suggested The Elixir again, a French restaurant at the Opus Hotel in Yaletown. I'd been here for lunch before and it's very nice.

Lots of laughter, chatting, geeking, eating, way lots of fun =) I forgot to tell them about the washrooms though, but that's okay, I don't think anyone noticed. XD XD

We did get a group pic of the four of us, but the cables and camera software are on userinfoHusband Guy's machine =P

I'll get that uploaded as soon as I can... PROMISE! =) Or I could hold it ransom for the .mov of cloganese's rendition of Nessun Dorma (he's a Tenor, see) =D

"Turandot" is pronounced either "TOOR-ahn-dote" or, if you subscribe to Puccini's artistic flair, "TOOR-ahn-doh" (he pronounced it "Turandò" in speech and it's always "Turandò" in the arias). It is not an Italian word because I read somewhere that there are no Italian words that end in 't'. Italians will either use a follow-through epenthetic or drop trailing 't's in pronunciation. It's not a Chinese name either even though she is supposedly a Chinese princess. "圖蘭朵" sounds very foreign to me.

But it is NEVER, under ANY circumstances "ter-ANNE-dott".

... sheesh, how am I supposed to tag this entry?!?! XD


Oct. 26th, 2005 09:05 pm (UTC)
Hard to classify, indeed! Yay!
You mean my inane, disorganized babble was coherent enough to be classified as fun? How kind of you! j/k ;)

It was really a lot of fun to finally meet you and see that [info]Your Husband is actually a real person, too! He looked like he wasn't too sure what to make of it all, but I tried to include him in an as much of the conversation as I could. Too bad it couldn't have been an even longer dialogue; I'm sure there's a lot more to share and discuss. Oh well, like I said before, we'll meet again, and there's always the possibility of coming down to Seattle and visiting me and cavin. (Especially if I get off of my lazy ass and put some music together for a recital.)

So you wanna play poker, eh? The game's afoot! I’ll see your bribe and raise you one miniature shopping cart!


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