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Because you people would not have expected any less from me =)

That's right. I am currently en route to Taipei. In a Boeing 747. Like, yes. I'm in the sky.

*bounce* *wave*

They have in-flight wireless high-speed =D It's USD$9.95 for the first 60 minutes then $0.25/min thereafter or USD$29.95 for the duration of the flight.

Be proud of me. I waited over an hour after take-off to crack open the laptop. I actually started this at 11:45am PST, but the lunch cart started rolling around so we ate first.

userinfoHusband Guy spent his budgeted pocket money even before we left. He bought himself a Nintendo DS. XD This is the one with the stylus and the microphone input. There were tons of games that he showed me where you have to draw and tap, there's a Ping-Pong one that we could both play and one where you're supposed to blow into the microphone to blow up a balloon or get dirt off a surface, etc.


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